From Zero to HIRO

Invest, build, or advise on the world's first LaunchDAO
Designed on Solana with the future in mind


HIRO introduces participation-based reward structures to DeFi, promising forward-looking development and lasting value, through a decentralized launchpad.
A LaunchDAO.

Active investing ensures long-term support and success for incubated projects.

The HIRO platform couples entrepreneurship with an accelerator that leverages and rewards the wisdom of crowds through innovative consensus mechanisms.

animation showing the flow of the hiro platform



Ideas come to life with HIRO. Whether you’re a founder, investor, or a manager, HIRO is the platform for you.

Light bulb icon representing an idea

As a founder, you can rely on HIRO for financial and strategic support. Strong proposals will receive funding from our War Chest.

icon of figure on mountain with a telescope and briefcase, representing an interested advisor

The wisdom of HIRO managers is a valuable asset. On HIRO they can earn reputation for their contributions.

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HIRO LaunchDAO is designed to promote close communication between founders and managers, with an alignment of interests across all incubation rounds.

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Founders, managers, and investors interact to build a promising and mutually rewarding future.

icon showing consensus group

Investment returns passively flow back into the collectively owned HIRO War Chest and compound. Managers are compensated with token options.

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